What about sharks?! Jellyfish?! Whales? Piranhas?

No, not in the Mediterranean Sea, so you can plunge in and swim carefree!

  1. You can stay reassured we do not have ANY of that in the Mediterranean. By definition, the Mediterranean is a ‘sea’ as opposed to an ‘ocean’, a general water reference you might be used to. As such, proportionally the Med is really a tiny fraction of vast extension of an ocean.
  2. More over, the Med is really a closed sea by the mere 8 miles at the West end on the Gibraltar strait, and the 673 feet wide Suez Canal on the East side. So it is really a big lake, so to speak, or more of a swimming pool everyone can see the edges and the bottom of…
  3. Its wildlife is extremely safe, kind to humans and anything but harmful or dangerous.
  4. In rare cases in the past a bigger fish would swim after merchant ships (on specific routes only) from the Red Sea, but it would get reported immediately and taken care of by authorities.
  5. Not being a tropical basin the fish and species living in the Mediterranean are too small a catch for big guys to fast on, so they would not survive anyway.
  6. This is also one of the reasons the Mediterranean is amongst top ten sailing destinations world-wide, which is one of its unique features to be found in no other destination of its kind.
A safe and closed basin, the Mediterranean Sea is more of a big lake..

A safe and closed basin, the Mediterranean Sea is more of a big lake..