Sailing with Your Friends

Bond with your loved ones and enjoy a great time onboard a yacht in the Mediterranean. These are unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Plan your outfits for each evening, think of beach parties, of secluded bays where you can barbecue or just sit under the stars with a glass of wine or your favourite cocktail. Think of moon-lit evenings onboard your yacht with a guitar. With whom would you want to share these moments, if not with your favourite people in the whole world?! Exactly! That time spent together will be cherished forever, memories you will recall fondly and reminisce about for a lifetime.

Flexible and Tailored Sailing Vacations

Thanks to the wide variety of our fleet of charter vessels, it always covers all the different requirements of our guests. That is why we specialize in creating a perfect cocktail of vessels and crew in the various sailing areas. Depending on your service requirements and budget, we will provide a suitable yacht for the route of your choice, a perfect Captain to guide you around and a trained hostess to introduce you to the gastronomy of the area. This is how it works in three simple steps:

  1. pick your favourite sailing route
  2. select a vessel from our selection according to the number of people in your party and your budget;
  3. book!

The Welcome Party

Unforgettable memories

The Welcome Party

Music & drinks party evening with our favourite guitarist, the Italian lawyer Antonio, after a great dinner, cocktails were served. August 2011, between Despotico and Anti Paros islands, Cyclades Archipelago, Aegean Sea, Greece

The Welcome Party

Lunch onboard Skinoussa island

The Welcome Party

Crew onboard

Watch the video: Celebrating Birthday onboard Oceanis 510, Kefalonia, Greece

Get Started

We are excited you are gaining an interest in trying out our sailing vacation tours. Let’s start working towards it together and have fun arranging it to the very last detail. 

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Sandra, London Boat Show 2013 portrait