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Your Hostesses

Your Hostesses

Compare crewed yacht vs a bareboat

Professionally crewed yachtBareboat + skipper
Higher standards category yachts, prestigious interns, accurately furbished in a boutique-hotel fashionBasic standard category yacht whereby you are only renting the minimum by law required navigation equipment
Daily toilettes/shower resetting and cleaning by the crewYou have to clean your shower filters and your toilettes
Security deposit NOT required (captain takes on FULL responsibility of the boat and passengers)Security deposit $ 2,000 – 5,000 and skipper is NOT responsible for any boat damages
check-in and check-out procedures exemptedFull check-in and check-out mandatory (45 min to 1 hour full tech inventory)
flexible check-in and check-out schedule for FULL 7 days yacht rentalStrict standard check in/out schedule, actual 5 days yacht rental usage (you check in on Saturday late afternoon and you have to return to base on Friday afternoon)
Full houseware and amenities includedBareboat comes with nothing so you have to buy your own toilet paper, salt, sugar etc.

Your Captains

Your Captains

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