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Join our many happy guests in the sailing experience of a lifetime!

It has long been our endeavour to allow our guests to discover our beloved Mediterranean isles in the manner the locals have to offer. We consider it a great joy to be able to enrich your journey by tailoring your trip to fit your interests and not focusing only on the services, attractions and isles that attract the mass tourists.

Your trip will be unique and adventurous, your stories will be vacation tales of the real Greece, the original artisans, Mediterranean tavernas, discoveries and surprises that you will never forget! We want to tell you all the stories, show you all the secrets, and we want them to become your treasured vacation tales.

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Sandra – Some of the first questions people ask when trying to define who I am are: Where did everything start? How did it all happen? Is this a family-business? With my unusual mixture of London city-goer and Mediterranean sailor, I get some pretty strange looks from them; can’t blame them though. It would have been odd to find this odd combination coexisting in the world prior to these communication-enlightened times we are privileged to live in.
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