Choose Your Type of Yacht

Note: Depending on what yacht type you choose, the number of rooms and the different amenities vary.

  1. SMALL CREWED YACHT – sit back, relax. The crew will drive, wine, and dine you with no need to do anything but lay back and enjoy it all. Being part of the permanent crew, the captain excellently executes every technical and mechanical part of the boat. The Small crew is comprised of one (captain only) or two (captain and hostess, hence cooking onboard) allowing you more of a family feeling and inclusiveness of the crew to the life onboard. You are welcome to participate; the crew is happy to teach and assist you. Children love boat spaces and make the most out of it!
  2. BIG CREWED YACHT – more crew to pamper you. If you are more of a hands-off individual and you have had enough of your busy schedule or responsibilities, then this is what you want. Enjoy your family and friends time. These yachts are reasonably larger with three, four, or more crew servicing you throughout the day. Spaces are abundant, both on deck and under (cabins and living area). The Big Crew is advisable to senior groups or families with children.
  3. BAREBOAT, SELF-CREWED – practice your sailing skills. The Self-crewed charter is the option for the competent sailor. The basic form of renting a boat, this choice offers freedom of the do-it-yourself type of vacation, like a car rental or a timeshare. You will have the entire boat to yourself and your family or friends. You decide where to go and what your daily schedule looks like. Learn or practice your sailing skills, mooring techniques, and your own navigation tools. Grocery shopping and cooking is managed by you or you can dine out. Your holiday, your boat! Remember this option implies liability on you as the skipper/charterer and a security deposit is required (average USD 3,000). Your boat choice will vary and will be a result of your past experiences. Please note: Being in a foreign country and ‘playing’ with unknown rules and regulations, you might find yourself concerned about the actual technical and aesthetic conditions of the bareboat you are willing to rent. Your standards might massively differ from the standards of the area you are visiting and your expectations might not be met. We are always around to help with any of your questions.


The Trust Element: rely on the experts

Let Armstrong Global be your one stop shop for your Greek sailing holiday.
To avoid any delays or problems, we suggest that you talk to us about your needs and goals so that we can help you with our first-hand experience. As an independent and impartial broker, we work on your behalf with a myriad of boat owners and nautical base staff, and maintenance experts. We serve you with our in-depth, behind-the-scenes industry knowledge. We have accumulated several decades of industry expertise in the Mediterranean, more specifically in Greek waters. We live these seas, we know these base locations and we know their values and standards. Allowing us to assist in your selection, from a comprehensive, but hand-selected number of boats, will benefit you with our knowledge and expertise in this niche industry. You will appreciate having received our insights regarding your vacation. Think of someone who has tried it all, in order for you to safely enjoy only the best! This expertise is what differentiates us, and it is included for free!
If you prefer to lay back and enjoy it all, please leave all the planning, working, and navigation tasks to our crew, so that you can truly indulge in your long-awaited, well-deserved vacation! Our services are well worth the investment! (Learn more about us) We are extremely happy to help you make these types of decisions, address your concerns and direct you. We know the oceans and speak their language :). Instead of being an infinite stress, honouring us with your trust will make your life easier.

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