What is the cost to charter a boat in Greece?

Our average Yacht Charter Package rate is $15,000 per week for up to 6 guests.

All inclusive with standard half board and open bar, two highly professional crew, Tax, standard itinerary, bed sheets and towels, yacht equipment, yacht and personal injury insurance, standard activities on board.

Just as there are a variety of categories of hotels and vocational services you can choose from, the same applies to renting a yacht in Greece. We offer a range of categories of yachts and onboard services rated according to their level and category. However, this can help you to have an idea of the overall cost.

How it works.

Book now, pay later. You secure your sailing vacation without cashing out the entire amount at once but in two simple instalments. Only 50% is required to make the reservation and the balance is paid thirty days prior to embarking.

Airfares US to Greece.

New York (JFK) to Athens (ATH) starting $539

Houston (IAH) to Athens (ATH) starting $633

Los Angeles (LAX) to Athens (ATH) starting $584

Boston (BOS) to Athens (ATH) starting $540

Dallas (DFW) to Athens (ATH) starting $1,034

These give you an idea of starting fares. The sooner you book the cheaper they will be. (source www.cheapflights.com)

Standard or Flexible.

You can opt for an All-inclusive vacation whereby you keep all your costs in check and you budget exactly what you are going to spend. This will cover your half board meals, standard itinerary with fixed navigation hours per day.

The other, most popular practice is an expenses-based fund. This allows you a big flexibility in terms of itinerary planning and the meals are prepared to your preferences and compared to the best restaurants in the area. You will fill a Food Preference Sheet for your crew to plan ahead and shop the most personalised food and beverages at your will. This Advanced Provisioning Allowance fund is an advance amount initially made available to the crew for food, fuel and harbour fees provisioning throughout your sailing vacation. It is an approximate amount of 10-20% of your yacht rental figure and it is deposited with your balance payment prior your arrival. The fund covers these extra costs and is a customary practice so that you will not be hassled every time there is a cash amount to cover for any type of provisioning. You will be provided with a full and detailed account, receipts and invoices of each cost at the end of your vacation. Any remaining cash will be refunded to you.

No Hidden Costs.

All costs are clearly listed on your yacht rental documentation so that you will not find yourself unpleasantly surprised upon arrival.


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