Welcome to our Greek Islands!

You have heard of a friend who has just come back from a sailing vacation, or perhaps you have seen it on TV and wonder what it would be like. You might be concerned if you have what it takes to live on a yacht for a week or two, floating around the seas and island hopping. Or perhaps it has always been a dream of yours to undertake a memorable experience like this with your family or friends. Whatever your inspiration, you are very welcome!

Experts in sailing cruises in Greece, we take pride in being passionately enamoured with our Mediterranean Sea and aim to show its wonders to you, our guest, from all over the globe. We are honoured to host you onboard hand picked and custom made yachts to suit your very needs. Our team has been around since 1950s, some of whom pioneering the birth of yacht charter industry, boasting unparalleled (floating) life experiences. Let us show you the ocean life we actually live.

It has been our long time endeavour to allow our guests to discover our beloved Mediterranean isles as the locals have to offer. We consider it a great joy to be able to enrich your journey by tailoring your trip to fit your interests and not focusing only on the services, attractions and isles that attract the mass tourists. Your trip will be unique and adventurous, your stories will be vacation tales of the real Greece, the original artisans, Mediterranean tavernas, discoveries and surprises that you will never forget! We want to tell you all the stories, and we want them to become your vacation tales.

Is a Sailing Vacation in Greece affordable?

Absolutely. You will have your own floating home that will be your base for discovering Greek islands throughout the week. A five-star service at a fraction of the cost of an exclusive hotel resort.

Why is it better than a hotel resort?

  • You are always a hop, skip and a jump from the ocean
  • Surrounded by your family or your best friends
  • You wake up to a new panorama every single day
  • You will find hidden gems most landlubbers couldn’t get to
  • You have unlimited access to food and drinks from the kitchen
  • You can even buy food and drinks at the supermarket making it pocket-friendly
  • It’s always sunny on the deck with a fresh breeze ensuring sun-kissed limbs
  • And most importantly you will be away from the crowds whilst sailing

What does a typical day on the yacht look like?

You can get read extensively about the Life Onboard here, but there’s a glimpse:

  • 9am – 11am: Wake up, go for a jog or for a wake up swim and have breakfast on your yacht
  • 10am – 12pm: Leave the port and set sail towards a new secluded beach
  • 12pm – 2pm: Stop for lunch on deck and a refreshing swim in a beautiful private cove
  • 2pm – 4pm: Sail on to the next island. Enjoy the sun and relax on the deck with a cocktail or two
  • 4pm – 6pm: Dock at the new harbour, feel free to explore local cafes, lounges, shops, history and archeology of the island
  • 6pm – 8pm: Relaxing drinks onboard or ashore watching the sunset
  • 8pm – 11pm: Dine in a local restaurant with exquisite Mediterranean Greek specialities
  • 10pm – 12am: Head out for more drinks, nightlife or back onboard for an early night in

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A pearl of the Aegean Sea, Polyegos (literally ‘many goats) Island, an isle inhabited only by goats boasts unspoilt nature and reachable only by boat, NE from Milos; taken onboard our Oceanis 510 Clipper in August 2014

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We are excited you are gaining an interest in trying out our sailing vacation tours. Let’s start working towards it together and have fun arranging it to the very last detail.

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