Romantic Getaways on Sail yacht around Greek Islands

Celebrating a special occasion, your wedding anniversary or your loved one’s birthday? Treat them to a luxury sailing escape on the Greek Isles! A private crew at your service, the exquisite yacht just to yourselves, get immersed in infinite sunsets on the ocean horizon, while sipping your favourite cocktail. A one of a kind gift you will remember for lifetime!

Sea means adventure and romance. If you are looking for idle days under the scorching sun, a steady horizon and an exceedingly cumbersome and numerous companies, you ended on the wrong website. It is a matter of style: we try to reward our guests with a unique and personal approach to the life of the ocean, help them to discover the world as it is, with its culture, its landscapes, its traditions and especially its people.

The yacht is not only an uncommonly romantic way to travel. It is also the best, in our opinion. It is flexible, ecological, comfortable and instructive. Nothing beats the sensation one feels when reaching a new harbour or a new coast by sea. Even if one has already visited a certain place, say San Francisco, the sensations one gets sailing in under the Golden Gate Bridge leverages that experience to a whole new dimension. That is because on a yacht you are not a tourist, but a traveller.

Honeymoon on Greek islands by yacht

The yachts we selected sail all over Greece. Our Captains might be officially Italian, French, Brit or Austrian but they are basically citizens of the ocean. Of course they all speak fluent English. These highly skilled professionals share with their guests their unique relationship with the ocean. Rather than being a matter of technique, it is essentially an attitude. With his experience, responsibility and authority the Captain is at the same time the king and the slave of his territory. This peculiar blend instinct and reason makes them interesting and anything but ordinary characters. They delight in welcoming their guest to the realm of sea life.

An interesting fact. Therefore, while you won’t be surprised to the fact that all of them are actually able to repair a pump or bleed a diesel engine, you might sometimes wonder why they will try to avoid starting a crossing on a Friday, and they will pale at the sight of someone lighting a cigarette with a candle. Why? It looks like it comes from the old days of whaling, when sailors used to stay away for months, sometimes for years. Their wives used to keep a candle burning by a window, possibly as a vow, probably a signal meaning ‘stay away, my man is at sea, respect my longing’. The candle was put off only at the arrival either of the sailor, or of the dreadfullest of the news.

To each his own cruise. Every sailor or traveller deserves his perfect cruise. Some already know what they look for, others approach this wonderful way of discovering the planet for the first time and have different requirements. Our mission is to organize personally to each of them the perfect kind of cruise.

Charter Privately or Share

Charter a Yacht private for yourself and your beloved, enjoy it in all privacy and get undivided attention of your crew to service you throughout your cruise.

Another option would be sharing your yacht with other like-minded people. Individual yacht cruises are a great way to meet other people and share the charme of a sailboat vacation. Some of our vessels do have organised charter weeks for sharing singles or couples. The crew do their best to create a friendly atmosphere and introduce everyone to the traditions and the particularity of life on the ocean.


What is your style?

Comfort lover: are you sure you want to loose precious vacation hours shopping, cooking, washing the dishes, choosing wines, hoist the sails and so on? Then choose a crewed yacht cruise. Hand picked crews, great yachts and perfect service. Share their love, their passion and their respect for the ocean and its traditions, the quality of their cuisine, and the knowledge of the cruising grounds.

Luxury: the best yachts around in their category, impeccable style, gourmet cuisine, professional crews, private apartments, a complete range of services. Excellence afloat.


Get Started

We are excited you are gaining an interest in trying out our sailing vacation tours. Let’s start working towards it together and have fun arranging it to the very last detail. 

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