When you prepare your luggage before leaving for a sailing cruise, maybe for the first time, and you have no experience, you can be taken from any doubt about what to take and which to leave home. Here is what we think you should avoid and not overpack 🙂


  1. Don’t use rigid suitcases, but preferably soft ones. It is easier to store them on board.
  2. Windbreakers or technological suits and boots. If you don’t have to navigate around Cape Horn or sail in the Arctic seas but you’re going to do just a summer tour in the Mediterranean you can safely leave all these things at home and if you were to come at a little bad weather will Just use a simple sweatshirt, which can also be used for a possible night time navigation.
  3. Shoes with leather sole. Absolutely contraindicated on board where you walk barefoot and also to get ashore. To walk and go out in the evening, they are much more practical sandals or shoes with rubber soles boat type or simple sneakers.
  4. Umbrella. Some say bring it on a boat is bad luck!  More than  not recommended is definitely forbidden!
  5. Flashlights, knives or other accessories to hike. They are objects that you will certainly find among the equipment of the boat and if it should arise the possibility of a special exploration will be the skipper to give them to you. .
  6. Mask, flippers and snorkeling accessories. On many ship-owners boats are among Standard facilities, better to ask the skipper before inserting them in your luggage, with the exception of masks with personalized prescription lenses
  7. Rifles and Underwater weapons of any kind. Many states prohibit the use without a specific license. They make difficult to pass through customs. Even this is easy, where permitted; you will find them among the gadgets of ship-owners boats with the snorkeling. equipment
  8. Jewelry and precious watches. Better to store them securely in a bank or safe deposit box, on-board risk being ruined by the salt or, worse, falling into the sea for a wrong move. You can wear, if desired, pretty local artisan jewelry, bought in the small local market, which will be a nice souvenir at the end of trip.
  9. Hair Dryer. You could hardly use it on medium size boats because operating with 220 V voltage that can be obtained with generators found only on large yachts. Sometimes you might use when you are moored at the quay equipped with ground connection but for this sporadic use maybe you should ask the skipper because he could find on board, certainly if the boat is chartered owner.
  10. Scarves. Although many consider them an accessory as “trend,” they are part of the things that would not bring. Anything that flutters while one hand is attached to our body can end up between the various ropes during maneuvers or, even worse, in the clutches of a winch, with consequences quite harmful to your safety.