About Armstrong Global

2013 London Boat Show

Sandra browsing new yacht models launched for the season to come, the annual London Boat Show, January 2013 – Read more on Meet the Founder page

We do like the Wind! Meet Bojana, our admin and creative guru. Trieste, Italy summer 2012

We do like the Wind! Meet Bojana, our admin and creative guru. Trieste, Italy summer 2012

Our Mission.

Armstrong Global was born out of the passion for the sea, out of a desire to show the world the beauties of our Mediterranean Sea, to start with, and to then stretch it to the four corners i.e. to the oceans and the seas of the globe. It is our aim to introduce anyone willing to experience this sailing world for themselves, be it the absolute beginner with no hints whatsoever of what a yachting vacation entails, be it well traveled individuals who are accustomed to their preferences, their sailing programs and formulas, or be it particularly technical and performance-oriented groups aiming for new challenges to various degrees of difficulties and obstacles to break through in their yachting resumes. You will be welcomed home to any place we take you to as you encounter the degree of hospitality you never thought possible. There are specific programs and solutions that fit each of these, very different types of guests, whose expectations and aims differ to a very high extent. Our aim is to get YOU to experience a life different than that to you known, the westernised city existence that confines and defines you, before you know it. Once you get out of your four walls and your comfort zone of predictability and standards, travelling will expand your thinking and open your eyes to other realities, that coexist with your own. The ‘water’ lifestyle helps you detach from your day-to-day routine and projects you into the most pristine nature that sits still in its own identity and is excited about alluring you with its wonders. It is our sailing DNA and the expertise on the field that makes our people an invaluable resource when it comes to consulting and opinion-leading.

In the Beginning.

In the beginning there was this young woman in her very early twenties, passionately linked to the sea and its life. Going from living and growing up on the sea shores to creating opportunities for others to experience it to, with the best of the means possible – the yachting, it was a short journey and a the next step to take for someone of her talents box (read more about the founder here). Throughout these past decade, Armstrong Global has expanded from being a small yacht rental operator to an expert in its field, with practical hands-on life in this magnificent yachting world of the Mediterranean and beyond. We have grown the fleet exponentially and destinations have been extended to include every corner of the Mediterranean sea and the majority of popular world-wide destinations including blue-waters expeditions such as Antarctica & Patagonia, Iceland & Greenland, Alaska. From proper adventure programs, to kids excursions and learn to sail projects, TV documentaries support and film shootings, companies team buildings and incentives travels, Armstrong Global is known for being able to accommodate any inquiry you as a retail or institutional party may have.

Our Values.

We strongly believe in creating opportunities and who we are in terms of integrity and intent is an essential part of our business. These core values guide our relations with our guests, our partners, our team and with each other. Also notice we do NOT accept sponsored operators or destinations (restaurants, bars or shops) as we are firm on being impartial on our objective opinion and experience on places and business we recommend you. Our reputation is much more important to us than accepting any form of bribe or payment. We want to believe that striving for the best and the maximum customer experience is what our aim is, paired with an unchangeable work ethics that has distinguished us amongst an ocean of operators in the industry. The simplicity which characterises our identity and the way we present ourselves is a key element of getting to know our true personality. We believe life is to experience in its simplicity, and so is the ocean.   Contact Us Today!   Armstrong Global has been taking care of world travellers and sailors in a personal, human-related and hands-on approach over the past twelve years. It is essential to us to provide a person you can talk to and we are always up for a chat and to guide you into all the information and literature you might need to answer any query you have as a response of a highly demanding and sophisticated type of customers we have the privilege of serving. When creating memories, we believe a human touch is essential rather than do-it-yourself automatic systems. We can say we have an unparalleled expertise in Greek isles sailing and in yachting vacations in the Mediterranean. Most of our guests are not keen on too a thigh tech platforms that deplete of any human relationship and touch. Most of our guest need an insider’s experience to make their next vacation extraordinary. Anybody would love to get experts’ shortcuts in an overwhelming internet era where anything and everything apparently is possible without ever having put their foot on a boat and especially not in these waters.       The best way to connect with a Trusted Travel Expert (TTE) is to click to his/her Insider’s Guide, scroll down to the black CONTACT button below his/her photo, and fill out the form that pops up.  When you use this form, the TTE will mark you as a WendyPerrin.com V.I.P. traveler—which means that, when and where possible, you’ll get priority treatment and benefits that go beyond what the TTE does for other travelers. You also get entered into my trip-monitoring service. I’ll automatically watch over the planning of your trip, and you can reach out to me should any issues crop up. If you don’t use the form, I can’t monitor your trip, nor can you expect preferred status with the TTE.

About the Travel Agent Finder
For the eleventh year Wendy Perrin picks the travel specialists who offer the best blend of expertise, access, and good value. These select travel consultants are the pros to turn to for your next big trip. Over two decades of interviewing travel agents and tour operators for “The Perrin Report” and other Condé Nast Traveler articles has given me a well-thumbed directory of the most trusted insiders—people who offer the best combination of specialized knowledge (based on firsthand travel experience), local connections, user-friendliness, and value for your dollar. Each year, my team and I evaluate hundreds of new applicants to this list, and only a small number make the cut. Our recommended specialists have undergone a rigorous screening process that begins with a 47-question application with sample itineraries and client references, then continues with phone interviews and, in most cases, road-testing by Condé Nast Travelerstaff. Those who unnecessarily book trips through pricey middlemen (as opposed to directly with local hotels and suppliers) or use on-site contacts that charge exorbitant rates are disqualified. Even so, the travel specialists who make the grade can be expensive. The price quoted within each listing represents the minimum cost per day for two people for the trips that he or she typically books. I receive hundreds of letters annually from readers reporting back on their trips that were arranged by these travel planners. Any specialist who is the object of valid complaints is removed from the list. To read these user reviews or post one yourself go to my blog, the Perrin Post. To share feedback with me privately or to nominate someone new for consideration, e-mail perrinfeedback@cntraveler.com. Prefer not to hop from specialist to specialist but to develop a relationship with one travel agent? The consultants marked as Recommended generalist are your best bet. Even if you settle into a long-term relationship with one of them, when booking a journey where the right guides and local connections are critical it’s still advisable to contact the listed specialists to find out what they offer that your generalist travel agent doesn’t.