10 Things to pack for your Greek Sailing Trip

You have rented a sailboat with friends or family and when preparing your luggage you are attacked by a thousand doubts, your entire wardrobe seems indispensable! Calm, think a moment. Read these notes so you’ll end up with light and practical luggage. These are 10 things to take with you on a cruise of a week or two.

  1. Swimwear. Something light for sunbathing, but also one more suitable for swimming and diving, for women I’d recommend for this purpose an Olympian type swimsuit, a tight-fitting boxer shorts for men and well-fitting
  2. Beachwear for the ladies. To wear to protect themselves from the sun during the day and at night from the cool breeze. And more can be comfortable in many occasions even at the dock and beach. T shirt comfortable and fresh for him for the same reasons. 
  3. A few short shorts or Bermuda shorts.
  4. For everyone. Polo, white or colored, are always practical and give a touch of elegance “sailor style” especially for the evening. It will do three at the most, that is for her and for him.
  5. Two dresses elegant, but not too much, for a special evening. A couple of shirts for him light cotton or linen, white or fantasy choice, boat and around you you can express freely.
  6. Simple and non-precious jewelry, but these can also buy them in local shops and at the end of trip will be a nice souvenir of the holiday. 
  7. Comfortable shoes and light, it only takes one or two pairs at most. Unnecessary and advised the high heels.
    On board it is barefoot, and on land just a kind of “Timberland” or comfortable sandals. It will also help for those of you who want to go exploring in the bush or on the rocks of the wild bays. 
  8. A Hat for the sun, but also a scarf is fine. The pirates did so.
  9. A sweatshirt. If refreshes or for a possible night navigation.
  10. Cosmetics and personal sunscreen, but only those your truly important, the rest should buy it on the spot.