Self-Crewed Bareboat Charters

You want to go for a self-made, no-schedule type of sailing vacation where you are your own boss and you take up the challenge of cruising your family and friends in a completely unknown to you sailing area. Congratulations, go for it! It does take discipline and knowledge, patience and endurance, problem-solving and reliability, being dependable and unwavering, sailing experience according to the degree of difficulty of the area you are interested in. Your boat choice will vary and will be a result of your past experiences, your awareness of most vast boat models and shipyards either more common and standard or more specialised, prestigious and technically advanced. On your scale of priorities you might have a higher value on the comfort and inner and outer spaces of the yacht, whilst the performance on the sea might be a minor matter to you. You might be on a given limited budget you want to stay, in which case you will inevitably need to compromise on a few aspects. Bareboat rental is a great way for you to put into practice what you have learnt at sailing school or any other tutorials, however bear in mind you must be prepared for an overall responsibility and liability so make sure you are comfortable with acknowledging your limitations and how far you can and cannot go. Being in a foreign country and ‘playing’ with unknown rules and regulations, you might find yourself concerned about the actual technical and aesthetic conditions of the bareboat you are willing to rent. Your standards might massively differ from the standards of the country you are visiting and your expectations might not be met.

One stop shop.

To avoid that, we suggest you talk to us about your needs and aims so that we can tell you from our first-hand experience as an independent and impartial broker that works on your behalf with a myriad of boat owners and nautical base staff, maintenance experts and behind the scenes industry reputation in-depth knowledge we have accumulated in several decades of industry expertise in the Mediterranean and then specifically in Greek waters. To you it might seem that the yachting in the Mediterranean is a widely advertised and represented type of vacation (you will testify this yourself from a very basic internet search), it is good to realise however that this is a small and niche environment in which us operators do have a history behind and a reputation. The benefit of us selecting for you and taking into consideration not everything there is out there but a comprehensive and hand picked number of boats for you to delight your choice in is that we live these seas, we know these bases and what their values and standards are. We will have the insights you appreciate having received later on during your vacation. Think of someone who has tried it all for you to safely enjoy only the best! This expertise is what differentiates us and it comes for free!

However if you think this is going to be too much hassle given it is your much cherished, long awaited, well deserved vacation for you to be working and worrying even while in Greece, you can always leave the whole planning and navigation task to the crew, so that you can actually lay back and enjoy it all! It will cost you a little extra crew fees, but it is well worth it.

Self-Crewed Bareboat Prices

Contact us for special offers and all-inclusive prices.

Yacht modelBuild YearFeetCabinsHeadsBerthslow season 16 Maymedium season 20 Junehigh season 1 Augustlow season 26 Sep
30 May1 August30 August15 October
OCEANIS 5420095454105,726 USD7,150 USD8,573 USD4,303 USD
BAVARIA 51 CRUISER20095153105,064 USD6,322 USD7,580 USD3,807 USD
DUFOUR GIB SEA 512002-045155104,005 USD4,998 USD5,991 USD3,012 USD
BAVARIA 501999-20005053103,509 USD4,402 USD5,296 USD2,648 USD
BAVARIA 50 CRUISER2006-085053104,038 USD5,031 USD6,024 USD3,012 USD
BAVARIA 47 CRUISER2009474293,773 USD4,733 USD5,693 USD2,847 USD
DUFOUR 4552005-08454293,674 USD4,601 USD5,528 USD2,747 USD
BAVARIA 44 VISION2007443273,078 USD3,840 USD4,601 USD2,317 USD
SUN ODYSSEY 42 I2008423282,814 USD3,509 USD4,204 USD2,118 USD

Need help and advice?

If you are unsure what would be the most suitable and safe place for you to self-sail the boat for the first time, according to your level of confidence with strong winds, difficult manoeuvres in ‘wild’ harbours during challenging wind and waves conditions get in touch and talk to us.

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