Touring the Greek islands

Destination: Greece

We understand that making decisions about your first trip to Greece can be a bit overwhelming. Discovering “your cup of tea” can be difficult because there are over 1,400 islands to explore. The vast majority of these are isolated and unspoiled, sometimes due to the fact that they may be reachable by private yacht only. With such a variety of choice, history, architecture, archeology, natural beauties, and heritage from ancient civilisations, it can be hard to concentrate. No need to worry, of course, we’ll guide you around our beloved corner of the Mediterranean.
The heritage of this land is unique in history, and myths of ancient worlds are just as real today as they were back then. Once you find yourself portside or standing on these soils, you will be enchanted by a magical atmosphere of a “once upon a time” Mediterranean civilization that seems content to remain a few hundred years removed from today’s usual busy western societies.
Each year Greece welcomes visitors from all over the world. In summer, tourist movement soars as the Greek sun tempts you with freedom and a carefree lifestyle; yet the country’s mild climate, many attractions, and excellent infrastructure have made Greece a favourite destination in the winter too. You can travel to Greece via multiple ways such as road, plane, train, or sea. Major roads link Greece with Europe and Asia. The country’s airports provide top-notch services. Rail connections with Europe allow for a lovely nostalgic journey. Last but not least, Greek ports welcome seafaring ships and local ferries all year round. Whether you travel by plane, ship, train, car, or even a combination of the latter, traveling to Greece is relatively simple and quick. It’s your choice, we just want to help guide you along the way.

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Ionian Islands

Cyclades Islands

Dodecanese Islands

Sporades Islands

Milos island, Kleftiko bay cliffs

Milos island, Kleftiko bay cliffs

Rhodes old town and harbour entrance

Rhodes old town and harbour entrance

The Best Season

April throughout October.

Natural Beauty

The beauty of the area is both gentle and wild, giving it a unique touch. The Isle Caldera in Santorini needs no introduction. Many lesser known isles, such as Kithnos, Serifos, and especially Syfnos and Ios, are generally considered the most beautiful isles of the Cyclades.

The Local People

Greeks are extremely warm and welcoming; hospitality is a virtue in the Mediterranean. Most locals speak English well. They are justifiably proud of their tavernas, their ouzo spirit and their world-famous specialties. The small islands tend to be quite deserted in the off-season, ultimately inhabited only by the locals who cling to their villages with pride and tenacity. Fishing is still a local affair and fisherman are usually a very entertaining lot to deal with if you want fishing advice for your Greek fishing experience.

Art and Museums

Athens is a very popular location where many people start their vacation. Your visit to this city will fill you with euphoria as you view the majestic architecture. Remember not to miss out on the smaller and more sophisticated islands, like Amorgos and Sifnos. Scattered ancient ruins lay accessible and picturesque amid their small shores as well.

Style, Elegance and Nightlife

With few exceptions, such as the crowded islands of Mykonos and Santorini, the archipelago is a peaceful, yet glamorous destination. Sit and relax at a candle-lit table or visit local nightlife attractions. Go shopping or just simply explore. Whatever your preferred venue, we will help guide and direct you to your specific area of leisure.


Greek eating establishments vary enormously. The locals consider the best places to be where the food is freshly cooked and plentiful. Often enough, this is where the setting or cuisine is not the fanciest. So it is not coincidental to find that one of the best eating establishments would be in a remote spot or an unlikely location- resembling a front living room. The taverna is often one of the most overlooked tourist experiences. Even though the presentations can be basic and the service informal, the taste and quality of the food is superb. The Greek eating style is still typical with that of ancient time: everything on the table is shared. Meaning, order an appropriate number of hot/cold starters and mains which will come served on small plates for everybody to share. Greeks are now in a frenzy of reviving, rescuing, and savoring their regional specialties – Mainly long-braised meats and vegetables redolent of olive oil and garlic; crunchy salads that glisten with freshness; and lusty street food: herby, smoke-scented souvlaki, crisp cheese or spinach filled pitas, gooey honey drenched loukoumades (mini dessert doughnuts), to name just a few.


In the past two decades, Greece has undergone a revolution in which quality, individuality, and history are the hallmarks of a new generation of wine producers determined to make their brand known abroad. The Retsina, or nectar of the gods, is the country’s favourite dry sparkling wine. Some say it is an acquired taste, and you are likely to agree with this, since you will acquire it immediately. The Epicurious Dictionary describes the flavor as sappy and turpentine-like, but cooking experts break ranks and call it the quintessential Mediterranean wine, applauding it as an accompaniment for all types of dishes. Like most Greek beverages, such as ouzo, it is undeniably at its best when combined with local foods, especially the savoury mezzes (appetizers).

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